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Some recent news:

7 May 2012: Dr Victor Thompson on Talk Europe Radio about the pressures on GB athletes during our 2012 Olympic and how they can manage.

2 May 2012: Daily Mail newspaper on appointment of new England Football Manager, Roy Hodgson, his potential to think 'outside the box.'

18 April 2012: With 100 days to go to the Olympics, Dr Victor Thompson sets a personal challenge of a daily tweet and blog entry on a sports psychology issue, story or tip. More on 2012 Psychology webpage or Twitter

12 April 2012: Dr Victor Thompson interviewed on Sky Sports News about Man City's Mancini's statement that the league title race is over, when they can still win, mind games or not?

8th December 2011: Dr Victor Thompson appears on BBC Radio 5 Live's show on depression in football and sport, following Gary Speed's suicide.

25th June: Dr Victor Thompson finishes 11th in his age group in the ITU European Triathlon Championships in Pontevedra, Spain

3rd July: Dr Victor Thompson finishes 11th in his age group in the ITU European Triathlon Championships in Athlone, Ireland

Older news:

21 June 2010: Dr Victor Thompson show's how England can turn around their Football squad's performance in time for the third group game on 23rd June: see Page 7 of today's Mirror newspaper or online.

21st June: Dr Victor Thompson is interviewed on Nick Ferrari's Breakfast Show on LBC Radio on what's wrong with England's World Cup Football squad and what can be done to turn their performance around.

14th June: Dr Victor Thompson interviewed for the Guardian newspaper on how Robert Green can recover his confidence after his World Cup blooper against the USA.

9th June: Dr Victor Thompson is interviewed on over 10 radio stations about new survey that shows that many of us are fearful of outdoor activities or want to get out of the city but feel that we can't.

1st June: Dr Victor Thompson interviewed on more than a dozen radio shows with Sir Geoff Hurst - hat trick scoring player of the 1966 World Cup winning side - about the importance of luck, superstitions and rituals in players and fans alike..

25 May: Dr Victor Thompson interviewed on two radio shows about the psychology of football fan excitement over Swindon Town's final this weekend at Wembley against Millwall. On BBC Radio Wiltshire's Swindon Breakfast show and BBC Radio Wiltshire Breakfast show.

8 March: Read about what Dr Victor Thompson has to say about Chelsea's captain John Terry's 'display behaviour' in The Times newspaper

23 Feb: Dr Victor Thompson comments on Sky Sports on football retirement - a difficult time for footballers and other sports people as they retire (planned or unplanned), with suggestions on what they can do to help this transition be a smooth one.

22 Feb: Dr Victor Thompson comments on BBC1 London programme on why cyclists go through red traffic lights and whether they are more more aggressive than other road users.

Dr Victor Thompson comments on the relevation that rugby star Brain 'Pit Bull' Moore was sexually abused as a child: could it have made him the player that he became?

Dr Victor Thompson comments on the BBC on the suicide of German goalkeeper Robert Enke: Should we be surprised when sports stars struggle to cope?

Dr Victor Thompson holds Sports Psychology workshops at the Professional Motorsport World Expo in Cologne, Germany on the 3rd and 4th November. Learn about how you can perform better and help your team perform better. With a special focus on pit crews and practical techniques for managing stress.

Dr Victor Thompson is interviewed on BBC News about 800m World Champion Castor Semenya's gender identity test. Read about the psychological challenges and opportunities that these gender tests pose.

Dr Victor Thompson talks on BBC Radio 4's Today Programme on how Strictly Come Dancing could really have benefited Mark Ramprakash and helped him in professional cricket. How can it help other people too?

Dr Victor Thompson talks on Liverpool's Talk Sport radio show about why British fans don't really expect their sports people to do that well, unlike the Americans and Aussies.

Success in the 2009 Tour de France brings challenges for Cavendish, Wiggins and Armstrong. Read Dr Victor Thompson's opinion on the articles and media page.

Dr Victor Thompson talks on BBC Radio 4's Today programme about superstitions in sport. Read his piece on the BBC website on why they get established, how they can help, , how they can become a problem and how he can help you address them.

Dr Victor Thompson writes about the importance of the psychology of football for individual players, teams and management in the current issue of FC Football Business Magazine.

Dr Victor Thompson speaks about the Psychology of Injury at the Crystal Palace Sports Injury Clinic in London. How physios, masseurs, sports doctors... can understand, detect and respond to injured athletes who aren't coping very well.

Dr Victor Thompson is interviewed on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire on the pressure on Andy Murray in Wimbledon - is it too much, how can he cope?

Dr Victor Thompson is interviewed on America's biggest breakfast TV show, NBC's Today programme on grunting in tennis. Why do they do it? Does it put off opponents? How can you face a grunter and win?

female footballer home

"The most important thing is believing that you can win the match."

Andy Murray, on beating Roger Federer


"I am always nervous before a match. I always have been."

Jonny Wilkinson, Rugby

Dr Victor Thompson at triathlon world championships

Dr Victor Thompson (right), at 2005 Triathlon Age-Group World Championships, in Hawaii.

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"I need to do this because I enjoy it."

Carolina Kluft, Olympic & World Champion Heptathlete


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Not only am I a Sports Psychologist, I compete too. I race triathlons. High points have been winning a silver medal at the Nationals, and racing the World Championships twice. Low points include nearly dying after an Ironman triathlon (I was shocked and resuscitated) You can read my Ironman survival story on the About Dr VT page. Many people I work with comment on how beneficial it is to be able to bring an insight as a competitor myself. Read more about my sports experience.

I have another advantage - I'm a qualified Clinical Psychologist. This means that I've had an additional three years of full-time training in assessing, understanding the person's difficulty, and helping people with a range of psychological difficulties (e.g., stress, anxiety, low-mood, addictive behaviours, low-self esteem, problems with eating...). Not everyone has any of these difficulties, but I bring my interview skills to every consultation. Read more about this on my Specialist areas page.

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